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Upgrading to macOS Catalina

A week or so ago I upgraded to macOS Catalina . Most of the macOS updates over the last couple of years have gone very well, but I have become a little more conservative in upgrading, since once in a … Read more

Media Queries, Frameworks & An Eye for Design

Media queries have been around for almost 10 years and now that I think about it, that’s a real long time, especially on the web. I still remember the first responsive site I’ve built in 2010 like it was … Read more

Kirby Panel Custom Colors on Localhost

For quite some time I have been running my website on Kirby CMS , and more than once have I mixed up the environment, because I didn’t pay attention. I either added something on the development site o … Read more

The Fading Trust in Technology

This week FaceApp has again made the rounds and a lot of people have been posting the old version of their own. Shortly after, people started to realise the app is developed by a Russian company and … Read more

TikTok, Who’s There?

A couple of months ago was the first time I heard about TikTok . It was a lovely day in spring and… Haha, no. Somebody on Twitter asked what this weird teenage girl dance was. Turned out it was s … Read more

Introducing TILRS

The intial inspration to add a “Today I Learned” section to my site came when I saw it on Manuel’s site . Shortly after, Tobias followed suit, because he also liked the idea. For a couple of weeks I did h … Read more

Of Logos, a Cucumber, and Craftmanship

Two weekends ago I met with one of my best friends in Frankfurt. Besides our usual spots, we also went to a few bars, one of them being a new one I had never been to before. The Drinksmith enamel pin … Read more

Design, Trust and Limited Creativity

In this reply to my previous article Tom writes: “From the early/mid 90's, I gradually shifted from magazine and print layout, from illustration to html, css and programming. I dived deeper and d … Read more

Staying Curious at Beyond Tellerrand 2019

Call it a tradition. Every year in the month of May, I’m travelling to Germany, mainly to attend the Beyond Tellerrand conference in Duesseldorf. This year has been the eighth year in a row. Usually I … Read more

Stopping the Dark Patterns of Booking Sites

In one part of my latest talk “ The Benefits of Ethical Design ” I discuss so-called dark patterns and one example is about hotel booking sites. I never liked the approach of what I call pre … Read more

Better Terminal Navigation with Markers

A quick trick to jump to your previous or next issued commands or prompt lines in the Terminal app, in case you need to move around between long outputs: Check “Edit->Marks->Automatically Mark P … Read more

Batch Editing Kirby Content Files

In a recent project I built with Kirby , I came across a challenge that I needed (or rather wanted) to add an extra field to all of my yaml files. The project is a theater site and contains a lot of … Read more

Coming Back to Social

When I went to Sweden over the Christmas holidays, I stayed away from my phone for most of the time. This wasn’t planned at all, but somehow just happened. I had very little motivation on checking, p … Read more

Leading Zeros in CSS Values

Today a question and following a quick conversation about leading zeros in CSS, or rather SASS, popped up, because some pre-processor documentation mentioned that leading zeros are “bad”. Matthew ask … Read more

Long Live the iPhone 7

Tonight I had a conversation about the new iPhone X and I mentioned that I have been thinking about getting one, solely for the camera upgrade. I currently still use an iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve had it f … Read more