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Respecting Users

I always liked the idea of blog-post-replies, hence this post in reply to Vitaly’s article. (We should do these things more often again ;)) I feel the same way as many people do. You do something and you are not sure if you are doing the right thing. What if it’s just a crazy idea of yours and it’s actu... read more

Local .dev Domains and the Mysterious HTTPS Redirect

Most of my development projects are set up with MAMP and then can be accessed on a local .dev domain on port 8888. This solution has been working well for me for many years, but this week I was in for a little surprise. I set up a new project and when I tried to access it on ... read more

Launching Colloq

We started working on Colloq over a year ago, after we had decided to start this project together. Now Colloq is finally live and I am very happy about that. Since our launch, we’ve had a lot of small bugs that needed fixing, but most importantly we’ve received some great feedback and amazing support. Here’s a big Thank ... read more

Feature Iteration Fatigue

TL;DR: What was meant to outline the annoyances with the many frequent app updates, turned into a rather lengthy opinion about Netflix’s latest UI changes. Almost every day I see a few app updates for my iPhone, since I don't have automatic updates turned on, mainly for the reason that I like to know what is being updated an... read more

Improving Your Newsletter's First Impression

Newsletters are one of the most popular marketing tools and many people and companies send them frequently. While it's fairly easy to set one up and get running, writing good content in general is a much more difficult task, especially for newsletters. Writing good content is one of the most underestimated things to do as well. Not only does content ... read more

iPhone & iCloud - Which iFind very annoying sometimes

The other day I changed my iCloud password. I can't remember the exact reason why I did it, but you know, you can't change your password often enough. I mean, once in a while is not a bad idea at all. After I changed the password, iCloud suddenly started to act up on me. On desktop everything would continue as ... read more

The Value of Attending Conferences

The draft for this post has been sitting with me for over a year now and my experience at the recent conferences I attended reminded me that it is well about time for this post to get finished. Conferences I have been attending conferences quite frequently for a couple of years. Sometimes I would speak, I recently started to give ... read more

Oh, Apple or Having Fun Installing a New iPhone

Last week I finally received my new iPhone 7 Plus. I held off a few days even before unpacking, since I had too much to do and didn’t want to get distracted. Then the day came and I decided to switch phones. Usually this has been a very painless effort and only took a little bit of time, but I ne... read more

Shopify Theme Kit

At first I was a bit reluctant to try the relatively new Shopify Theme Kit that seems to now replace the previous Shopify theme app. So far I have been quite happy with the Shopify Theme app whenever I worked on a Shopify project, since it was a very convenient and good enough way of getting your theme synched and ... read more

Shopify: Achieving Collections in Collections

In one of my recent projects I got to work with Shopify again to build an e-commerce site from scratch. This was an exciting project and I liked working on it a lot, but it also posed a few challenges, since in some regards Shopify is a little limited and some things need workarounds to achieve the desired functionality. One ... read more

Kirby Panel Issues and MAMP Pro

Sometimes things happen, and they seem to happen for no reason. This was exactly the case when, from one day to the other, on four of my local Kirby installations the panel couldn’t be opened anymore. The page would either give me an error 500, complain about too many redirects or just display that the “page isn’t working” in Chrome. ... read more

The Good, Old, Rusty Crank

Web design and development is an ever-evolving craft and a new technique or technology pops up every other day. I believe to build fully responsive websites and great digital products in our current world, we have to be open and willing to evolve, to change and adapt, to grow and learn every day and at a fairly fast pace, to ... read more

The 13-Year Itch

The story goes a little like this: After many years of being in a relationship, things might get a little more complicated and less exciting, and you’re starting to think if it's still right, ways to get through this, if it’s worth it or if it would be better to move on. This is how I currently feel abou... read more

Google Web Light – Speeding Up the Mobile Web

A while ago Google introduced Google Web Light and I finally got around to have a closer look at it. So far this hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in general, but I suppose this might have to do with the fact that it’s only meant to be rolled out in some specific countries. Nevertheless it again underlines that... read more

Chrome DevTools, RemoteDebug & BrowserRemote

I remember seeing the Chrome DevTools App a while ago, when it made the rounds on Twitter. This was quite a cool idea, but I didn't really look into it and didn't see the full potential it had to it. When I recently met Kenneth in Hong Kong, he used the chance to practice his talk "The Future of ... read more