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CSS-in-JS, Kindness and Evolution

CSS-in-JS is the new and popular kid on the block. On the flipside, Vanilla CSS is old-school and isn’t so much of the hi-roller anymore. Actually, CSS was never liked too much by many anyway. W … Read more

On Tracking

After I read this article I started thinking about tracking again. I suppose most of the time we don’t actively think about it, since it has gotten so normal. But when you do, you start to realise… I don … Read more

Make It The Best You Can

Two anecdotes for today: One Two days ago I got a hair cut. I looked at my hair dresser in the mirror and watched her cut, trim and measure my hair, meticulously, with great precision like she does … Read more

Remember Sass?

When we started to work on Colloq , we agreed to write good, old, plain CSS. I was a little sceptical at first and thought we’re not going to like it much. After a few weeks I had totally gotten used t … Read more

This Content is Not for You…

This is one of the things that I really dislike about Facebook and a good example of how the web was never intended to work. A client sent me a video and I clicked the link. Rather unsurprisingly, it … Read more

Respecting Users

I always liked the idea of blog-post-replies, hence this post in reply to Vitaly’s article . (We should do these things more often again ;)) I feel the same way as many people do. You do something a … Read more

Launching Colloq

We started working on Colloq over a year ago, after we had decided to start this project together. Now Colloq is finally live and I am very happy about that. Since our launch, we’ve had a lot of s … Read more

Feature Iteration Fatigue

TL;DR: What was meant to outline the annoyances with the many frequent app updates, turned into a rather lengthy opinion about Netflix’s latest UI changes. Almost every day I see a few app updates f … Read more

Improving Your Newsletter's First Impression

Newsletters are one of the most popular marketing tools and many people and companies send them frequently. While it's fairly easy to set one up and get running, writing good content in general is a … Read more

The Value of Attending Conferences

The draft for this post has been sitting with me for over a year now and my experience at the recent conferences I attended reminded me that it is well about time for this post to get finished. … Read more

Oh, Apple or Having Fun Installing a New iPhone

Last week I finally received my new iPhone 7 Plus. I held off a few days even before unpacking, since I had too much to do and didn’t want to get distracted. Then the day came and I decided to switch p … Read more

Shopify Theme Kit

At first I was a bit reluctant to try the relatively new Shopify Theme Kit that seems to now replace the previous Shopify theme app. So far I have been quite happy with the Shopify Theme app whenever … Read more

Shopify: Achieving Collections in Collections

In one of my recent projects I got to work with Shopify again to build an e-commerce site from scratch. This was an exciting project and I liked working on it a lot, but it also posed a few … Read more