Long Live the iPhone 7 Bookmark

Tonight I had a conversation about the new iPhone X and I mentioned that I have been thinking about getting one, solely for the camera upgrade.

I currently still use an iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve had it from right after its release. And then I noticed that not because of the price, but because I don’t have any pain points yet, I haven’t gotten one.

The iPhone 7 Plus still works like a charm and I don’t have any pain points yet on to why to get a new one. My friend has the same phone and we then realized that this model lasts much longer than any other before. Usually after about two years, and two generations, you’d feel it getting slower and that it was about time to get a new one.

This one doesn’t have it. It’s only been two years so far, but it feels the gap in between this and the latest models is huge and it’s been 3 new generations launched since then. The iPhone 7 Plus still feels fast and everything is at a good standard. The camera is great, the speed feels good, the only thing that could be better is storage. With 128Gb it’s getting close to operating at full disk most of the time, but that doesn’t seem to impact speed a lot, if at all. And the battery is still doing great as well.

It feels that this is one of the best models of all iPhones ever made. And still, at some point in the future I will probably get the new one, which then really has to prove it’s worth.