Speaking can be challenging, but the rewards of sharing are truly enjoyable. No guts, no glory.

Public Speaking

I like public speaking and to share my knowledge and experiences at conferences. I usually speak about front end related topics, focusing on best practices, responsive and mobile web design as well as web performance and how to build faster sites. My latest talk, “The Untold Benefits of Ethical Design”, explores how to build better products by thinking more ethically and what benefits this approach can bring.

Some of my talks are more technical and explain technologies and how to best use them, while other talks are written in a broader fashion to provide an overview on a certain topic, inspire or get people thinking about a topic in a different way. I enjoy both kinds of talks and it will depend on your audience, which kind of presentation will be the better fit. Sounds good? Please reach out and send me an email.

Coldfront 2018, Copenhagen - Photo: Jonas Persson

Web Design & Development Workshops

Besides speaking at events, I develop and host workshops or give hands-on training at conferences and in-house for the teams in your company.

Workshop topics include "Responsive Web Design" and "Web Performance Optimisation", covering front end development best practices, techniques, workflows and strategies. Depending on the level of details and topics covered, workshops can be run as a full or half day session. The workshop content can be adjusted to suit your event, your participants' level of expertise and event schedule. My workshops usually run for the duration of a half or full day.

If you are interested in a workshop or training, please contact me for further details. We can then plan and tailor a workshop that will best suit your requirements and provide the audience with the best value and most useful take-aways possible.

Coldfront 2018, Copenhagen - Photo: Jonas Persson

Upcoming Talks & Speaking History

Additional Information

I live in Hong Kong, thus my departing airport will most likely be Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Sometimes I might already be travelling and in that case the departing airport could change. If I commit to speak at your conference, I expect the conference to cover my travel as well as accommodation in the conference city. In return I will show up at your conference on time and present a well rehearsed talk on the agreed topic. I also like to mingle with other speakers and attendees and thus will usually stick around for the duration of the conference.

It's very likely that you will require a portrait photograph of me, please let me know which format you'd like and I'll send you one. You can publish it on your conference website as well as the accompanying marketing materials. For a biography you can either copy the information from the About page or I can provide you with one.

I'm looking forward to speak to you. And your audience.