For Organisers

To make things easier, as smooth as possible and clear up front, additional information can be found here.

Information for Organisers

I live in Hong Kong, thus my departing airport will most likely be Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Sometimes I might already be travelling and in that case the departing airport could change. If I commit to speak at your conference, I expect the conference to cover my travel as well as accommodation in the conference city. In return I will show up at your conference on time and present a well rehearsed talk on the agreed topic. I also like to mingle with other speakers and attendees and thus will usually stick around for the duration of the conference.

Myself speaking at Devtalks in Bucharest, 2019
That’s me [looking so serious!] at Devtalks 2019 in Bucharest - Photo:

It's very likely that you will require a portrait photograph of me, please let me know which format you'd like and I'll send you one. You can publish it on your conference website as well as the accompanying marketing materials. For a biography you can either copy the information from the About page or I can provide you with one.

I'm looking forward to speak to you. And your audience.