Talks & Topics

I care about an open, solid and inclusive web. My talks usually revolve around these topics.

Talks, Topics and Workshops

Besides speaking at events, I develop and host workshops or give hands-on training at conferences and in-house for the teams in your company.

Workshop topics include "Responsive Web Design" and "Web Performance Optimisation", covering front end development best practices, techniques, workflows and strategies. Depending on the level of details and topics covered, workshops can be run as a full or half day session. The workshop content can be adjusted to suit your event, your participants' level of expertise and event schedule. My workshops usually run for the duration of a half or full day.

If you are interested in a workshop or training, please contact me for further details. We can then plan and tailor a workshop that will best suit your requirements and provide the audience with the best value and most useful take-aways possible.

Take Control of Cache-Control

Over recent years we have seen many ways how to improve web performance and create faster websites. Yet, one easily and often overlooked way for optimisation is Cache-Control. A good caching strategy can drastically decrease the number of HTTP requests, downloads and save valuable bandwidth, especially for loyal repeat visitors. In this talk you’ll learn when & how to cache your assets and leverage the full potential of Cache-Control to create faster and more responsible websites.

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The Untold Benefits of Ethical Design

While designers usually mean well, product design can go wrong and affect users in a negative way. Your marketing department’s pressure triggers to convert could instead cause panic attacks. By following certain principles, it’s possible to build better products. This talk will explore what we can do to improve our users’ experience by taking a more ethical approach to creating digital products. This talk will provide insights into how users might encounter your products and what we can do to improve their experience. The practical learnings can result in better web performance, privacy and increased security.

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Web Performance in the Age of HTTP/2

Over the years, attention to web performance and optimisation has been growing and it is widely recognised as an important aspect in the design process. Now that the web is moving towards HTTP2 as the new transfer protocol, some of the things we have learned about optimising for web performance will change and we will have to rethink some of our approaches. This talk will highlight best practices that we already know, what will change with HTTP2 and how to best handle the transition period between the 2 protocols.

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