Introducing TILRS Bookmark

The intial inspration to add a “Today I Learned” section to my site came when I saw it on Manuel’s site. Shortly after, Tobias followed suit, because he also liked the idea. For a couple of weeks I did have it on my list to add this new section, but somehow I didn’t get around to do so.

Nevertheless I’ve been thinking about it for some time and the more I thought about “Today I Learned”, I realised that it wasn’t quite what I wanted. Somehow it felt too limited and too constrained. I wanted this new section to be more fun, more flexible and more personal in a way. One evening I realised that what I wanted to do was to write shorter posts and that they could probably all fit into the following categories:

  • A thing I’ve learned;
  • something I remembered;
  • or something that I simply want to share.

Technically I could have done this in the Notes section, but somehow something like “TIL” seemed a better idea. And so I came up with something new.

Today I would like to introduce a new section on my site that I call:

TILRS: “Today I Learned, Remembered or Share

At the moment this new section is also available in my “All Posts Feed” and eventually will get its own.

So far I enjoy TILRS a lot and I hope you will enjoy the new TILRS as much as I do. See ya!

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