Upgrading to macOS Catalina Bookmark

A week or so ago I upgraded to macOS Catalina. Most of the macOS updates over the last couple of years have gone very well, but I have become a little more conservative in upgrading, since once in a while something that I didn’t think of, did stop working.

This time I only encountered two rather small issues, which haven’t been a big problem.

  1. Little Snitch

After the upgrade, Little Snitch reported “Little Snitch version mismatch detected”. At first I tried to re-install the app, but the problem persisted. I then started to search for the problem and came across the support article which mentions the problem I encountered. Following the these instructions solved the issue for me and since then I haven’t had any further problems.

  1. App Switcher Custom Shortcut

For many years I have used LiteSwitch X, which is a custom app switcher I always liked much better than the default switcher from macOS. For one I liked it better, because it let me adjust the size and position of where and how it would appear. More importantly, I preferred to invoke it via alt-TAB instead of the default cmd-TAB shortcut. Not a big deal, but after such a long time, it’s all about muscle memory… This Preference Pane hasn’t been updated in along time and surprisingly, it only reached the end of its life with Catalina. I haven’t found a way to change the default yet, so for now I’m using Keyboard Maestro, which lets me do that. If I can‘t find a better alternative, since Keyboard Maestro seems to be a little overkill, I guess I’ll have to retrain myself for cmd-TAB at some point.

If you know of any other way on how to change the keyboard shortcut for the default app switcher, I‘d be happy to hear your solution!

Other than that, a few apps stopped working since they aren’t 64-bit apps, but that was anticipated and is solvable with an upgrade.