Notes from "Design Management And Continuous Design" by Josh Seiden at UXHK 2013 Bookmark

The old reality was about delivering print products, getting them off to the printer and you're job was done.
Not so with Software.

Managing production: old reality

  • Requirements
  • Deadlines

You need a system of continous learning and flow.

  • Structure projects about learning
  • Every project starts with uncrertainty and you have to embrace uncertainty to succeed.
  • Implement tests and change direction, adjust and keep going forward.
  • Which Equals continuous learning.
  • Build, measure, learn.

Managing stakeholders: old reality

  • Deliverables and output
  • Easy to measure
  • But Deliverables only don't make a success
  • This approach Doesnt work in continous learning
  • What is the actual outcome?

Outcome across your portfolio:

  • Do your customers love your product?
  • Will they buy it, sign up, use it?
  • Growth: figure out how to grow

Moving at the same rhythm as the business means answering key questions together.