Notes from "Lean UX Agility Through Cross-fund Collaboration" by Jeff Gothelf at UXHK 2013 Bookmark

A tale of two cities and two teams in New York and Vancouver, sharing sketches via Skype.

  • Both teams had ownership since they all participated
  • Aligning corporate strategy with a UX focus
  • There was no UX at the executive level
  • Pulled the executives together and got them involved

Shared characteristics of this action:

  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Group exercises, (diverse, emerge, converge)
  • Clear goals (outcomes)
  • Safe environment

Result: "I'm glad we all agree then."

  • Visualising ideas yields different ideas
  • Shared understanding is the heart of UX
  • Shared understanding is the currency of lean UX

5 things you need to do:

  1. Solve the problem together

  2. Sketching brings experiences to life faster

  3. Prototype it – test your ideas – once validated, demo to the team

  4. Pair up – pairing saves time, pairing sets designers free and empowers developers

  5. Style guides:

    • focus your teams around outcomes, not outputs
    • validate you hypothesis with you customers
    • the goal is to make everyone move down the same path
    • designers are used to being heroes
    • lean UX is anti hero

A designer must evolve to stay relevant.
It's evolution, not revolution.

Jeff Gothelf's full presentation (from the same talk at UX LX Lisbon, I believe) on Slideshare.

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