Notes from "Redesigning Businesses" by Timothy Loo at UXHK 2013 Bookmark

Many businesses are routinely failing to create meaningful experiences.

The Experience Gap:

How well does your organization connect?

Common theories:

  1. Business is evil
  2. Business only cares about shareholders
  3. Business is incompetent

The Gap between business and UX advisor

  • Maybe the root causes aren't so sinister
  • Proliferation of digital touch points results in accidental user experience

UX strateggy

Long term vision, roadmap, and kip's to align customer touch points with brand position and biz strategy

  • Have a clear understanding of customer and business current state
  • UX vision and principles
  • Roadmap and benefits case and why it aligns to business strategy
  • Metrics, targets and incentives

We asked 100 leaders what makes stop ux happening?

  • Politics and organizational silos
  • Clients don't measure and understand the value
  • Low stakehoder engagement in UX
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of time
  • Budget
  • Ineffective communication and persuasion

To redesign businesses we might have to first redesign ourselves.

See Tim Loo's presentation on Slideshare.