Front End Best Practices Bookmark

This week I held a talk about Front End Best Practices at WomenWhoCode Hong Kong at the Wynd co-working space. While I was putting the talk together it became clear that there could be more than enough material to make this a three hour long session and it was quite difficult to select what to put in and what not to roughly fill one hour. Especially without knowing the level of expertise of the audience, it was quite difficult to choose the right content and I tried to strike a good balance that had something for everyone, from novice to expert.

Nevertheless, again I noticed how things have changed in the web design world over the years and how many things we, as web designers or front end developers, actually have to know, learn and keep up to date with in this ever evolving industry. Still many times I hear things like "it's just HTML/CSS/JS" which is very likely due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of what goes into today's (responsive) front end development process.

Here are the slides from that talk "Front End Best Practices" and even if you"re not a developer, there might be some take-aways and an idea of what's up in the front end world. This is not even the most extensive list, but rather a selection of best practices, tips and advice.