Front End, Front-End or Frontend? Bookmark

Despite so many people working, writing and talking about this field, it's hard to find out what the correct spelling of "front-end" was. At times I can become quite obsessed about such things and so I went on a very short quest to find out.

While I was writing my talk on Front End Best Practices for WomenWhoCodeHK two weeks ago, I started to wonder once again what the proper spelling for "Front End" was?

It turns out that it's pretty difficult to find the "correct" spelling and opinions seems to differ widely. Many of the points made in below articles seem to have a valid reason for whichever their preference is and I really couldn't take a side.

Then I went on to Google search and this yields the following:

  • front-end: About 405,000,000 results

  • front end: About 403,000,000 results

  • frontend: About 204,000,000 results

As we can see, "front-end" and "front end" seem to be the spelling leaders, with "frontend" only showing up about half as much. Because I'm not a very big fan of dashes and in consideration of the above results, I will stick with "front end" which has been my personal favorite for quite some time already. I also like the one-word-spelling, but I do like consistency even more, thus I will stick with one of the more popular ones and would love to see if there was only one proper spelling at some point :)