Using The Platform Bookmark

These are some good thoughts from Tim Kadlec on quotes from the Shop Talk Show podcast on the web platform and how it tries to provide us with the best foundation possible. I absolutely agree that in most cases the effort that goes into creating what we take for granted every day, mostly goes unnoticed. Yet it's a tedious process and if you think about it, it‘s an amazing outcome! (A shoutout to all those who are working hard to make things better! 💪)

Use the platform until you can’t, then augment what’s missing. And when you augment, do so with care because the responsibility of ensuring the security, accessibility, and performance that the platform tries to give you by default now falls entirely on you.

In short: Don't reinvent the wheel without reason and make progressive enhancement a friend of yours. Embrace the limitations. This way you'll be able to get a lot of the goodness out of the box and likely save yourself some hassle further down the line.

Using the platform” is a nice read, and while I haven‘t listened to the Shop Talk Show podcast yet, it probably has a lot of interesting bits in this episode.