Sticking With The Defaults Bookmark

As previously mentioned, when I upgraded to Catalina, some of the things I had gotten used to to for many years, stopped working. The biggest issue seemed to be the app switcher. I’ve used LiteSwitch X for many years and I liked it because it allowed me to use alt-Tab instead of cmd-Tab to switch apps. Another nice thing about it was, that it allowed me to adjust the size and screen display position of the app switcher.

For a short while I was thinking about how to get back the alt-Tab keyboard shortcut to invoke the app switcher. I then stuck with Keyboard Maestro, but running this app simply to get back my keyboard shortcut seemed a little overkill.

I had a conversation with Anselm and Tobias about it. It didn’t take long to convince me to try to get used to the default shortcuts. In any other case, it likely would mean to relearn and adjust at some point in the future, because something might change or stop working. It’s a valid point and I agreed to try it out.

I switched to using the macOS app switcher and deleted Keyboard Maestro. In the process I also removed Alfred, which I’ve been using for a long time, too. I really like Alfred, but on the other hand, I can open apps as quickly via Spotlight. The only thing I’m missing is the handy calculator, all of the other functionality I haven’t been using anyways.

Getting used to two new keyboard shortcuts has been much easier than initially anticipated. The only thing that still bugs me is that the mouse pointer sometimes interferes with the app switcher selection, probably because I used to see the switcher at a different position to where it appears now. For everything else, I find it surprising how quickly one can adjust long-trained muscle memory to changes like this and I’m happy it didn’t take me long.

Update: As a few friends have pointed out, it is indeed possible to do calculations with Spotlight. I had tried it before, which didn‘t seem to work, but I can now confirm it does ;)