“Ethics” and Ethics and the Right Thing to Do Bookmark

This rather long essay by Oliver Reichenstein looks at the meaning of “Ethics” and Ethics in our world of today. Why do we sometimes need to put it in quotes? What's the right thing to do, anyways?

There is a connection between good and beautiful. Theoretically, this brings to Plato’s ethics. It claims that beauty, justice, and goodness are connected. A strong point of view. Plato is considered to be an enemy of the senses. But if you study Platonic ethics – beauty, goodness, and justice – they’re one and the same idea, the highest idea. Designers have an affinity to see beauty, to see beauty in goodness, beauty in justice.

While this has been true for Plato and might still be for some, it hasn’t been part of the idea of capitalism, which bred greed, which more often than not turns into evil.

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