Deep Work & Scheduling Work Time Bookmark

Today I had a long conversation with Anselm & Tobias and how to best schedule work time and get the most out of it to be most productive. Tobias has tried the Pomodoro technique for some time and it seems to work well for him. Anselm and myself haven’t tried it yet, but are interested in doing so and, as we usually always do if someone does one thing, ask a lot of questions to get the quick tl;dr version from the person in the know ;)

I made me think of Brad Frost’s approach of scheduling every minute of the day, which is also quite interesting and seems to work well for him. For Brad the Pomodoro technique didn’t stick. The only way to find out what will work for me, is to try one and/or the other.

Even though scheduling every minute of the day sounds very intriguing, I think for now I do prefer the idea of Pomodoro, since it seems easier to accomplish and stick with.

One thing that came up today was how Pomodoro would (or could) apply to creative work? While for Tobias this is quite straight forward and should work the same way, I’m not sure if this can be applied to all different kinds of work. It for sure is possible to break creative work down into small pieces, 25 minutes doesn’t seem enough to even get into a creative head space… But: It seems.

I guess the only good way to find out is to try, hence I will try to apply it from tomorrow on and see where it will take me.

How do you schedule your work/time to be most productive?