December Bookmark

It’s the time of design & development advent calendars again. Hello December. This year went fast again. Since I recently decided to write more again, I was thinking to try to write something every day in December. Quite a challenge, but one can always try.

The start today, December 1st, didn’t go too well, since I’ve been out most of the day and when I remembered that I still wanted to write something, to my surprise my site was down :( Last night I initiated a server move for my hosting package so that I can finally have a better server and some new features. With that, obviously the IP address of the server had changed and I didn’t think of updating the DNS records on time… I have now updated the records and the site should be back up soon again, but this post didn’t make it on time for the 1st, or at least not on HK time for the 1st. Propagation seems to take some time today and I’m not sure if I want to wait for it. Either way, this and more posts will follow.

Happy December!