Captain Edward Font Bookmark

This must be the fastest purchase of a font (or almost anything to be honest) that I‘ve ever made in quite some time. It looks beautiful and it fits perfectly to what we are currently working on (suspense… I know…), hence it’s been an absolute no-brainer to buy it.

Captain Edward is an all-caps display serif inspired by Cooper Black’s lighter-weight siblings & the pirates that terrorized the Atlantic. Includes letters, numbers, basic punctuation & a few swash-y alternates.

Captain Edward Font

Besides the beautiful font part, I like how Dan approaches the license agreement for his fonts. This is the kind of business I want to do business with:

Super Simple License Agreement

  • Don’t distribute the font
  • Don’t modify and then distribute the font
  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Purchase the appropriate license
  • Be kind and wash your hands

I’m already looking forward to present how this font will see its day of light, captain!

Have a closer look at pirates and your license here.

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