The Good, Old, Rusty Crank Bookmark

Web design and development is an ever-evolving craft and a new technique or technology pops up every other day. I believe to build fully responsive websites and great digital products in our current world, we have to be open and willing to evolve, to change and adapt, to grow and learn every day and at a fairly fast pace, to be responsive enough to be responsive.

Nevertheless, for many in our industry, adaptation to the digital evolution is much, much slower and changes are hard to push through.

To be truly able to change and adopt to new processes, workflows or styles of work, people will need to stop turning their good, old, rusty crank that currently still works almost perfectly, doing it's long learned job, before it will finally break, stop working and won't be able to fix. The broken rusty crank isn't some crazy future vision, it’s right here knocking on your door, soon to be banging on it and one day it won’t even be waiting for permission to enter.
So get your game on. Now.