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Over the last few days I have remembered and thought about Jeffrey Zeldman’s article “You Got This” in which he wrote about learning new things and how it can be quite hard, how it’s different to 20 years ago, when we first learned all the things web. I’ve started to learn Vue.js to get a better understanding of what all the talk is about. It’s hard in some ways, especially because some of the concepts are quite different to how I learnt to build for the web. It’s “easy” in some other ways and I really enjoy the process.
I’ve had quite a few moments in which I was about to curse for the rest of the day, but eventually I figured things out and made it work. I do enjoy the process and since this is not the first time, I know how the process usually goes. It’s all about patience and putting time into it. What I’m trying to build is now slowly coming together and I keep thinking “You got this”.

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