SVG to PNG Export Automation Bookmark

Today I had a short conversation about Apple Keynote on Twitter. One of the drawbacks with Keynote currently is that it's not possible to import SVG files. In some cases this can be quite cumbersome, but instead of converting all your files manually, it can be done by setting up a folder action (macOS only). The folder action then allows you to simply drop images into a folder and they will be automatically converted to PNG format.

The tool behind the Automator folder action wrapper is svgexport which can also be found on NPM. In case you prefer, you can also run svgexport from your command line without the need for folder actions.

Today I remembered that I set this up some time ago and it has saved me a lot of time in the past. I hope it's going to be helpful to you, too.

Update: As Frederic has pointed out, the upcoming macOS 10.15 release might exclude Automator‘s default installation or even remove it completely, the latter which I doubt. Let‘s see.