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One of the huge topics today is that Twitter has taken down a ”significant state-backed information operation“. Over the last few days I have seen a lot of comments on how the Pro-CCP trolls have been infiltrating in masses in my feed, so this is a good move from Twitter and I think they deserve credit for doing so with transparency.

One interesting bit from Twitter’s post is this:

As Twitter is blocked in PRC, many of these accounts accessed Twitter using VPNs. However, some accounts accessed Twitter from specific unblocked IP addresses originating in mainland China.

Here’s the link to the full blog post from Twitter Safety.

Furthermore, Twitter has also updated their policies on advertising by state-media, since the PRC has been running a lot of disinformation campaings on the network, too.

Shortly after Twitter’s move, Facebook followed suit by closing a few accounts and groups. By far not as many, but again, it's a good start they are reacting.

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