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As promised some time ago, I will publish all the drafts, which I have not finished or published before. This unpublished post was dated February 6th, 2020, which was shortly before I left for Phuket last year. In hindsight this is an interesting note to me, because I was already thinking about the ever-present design-sameness and a more creative direction for what we do. Read the draft for yourself:

This post got me thinking a little more about what a blog is and since it’s so personal, I think a blog has to also “be” and look more personal. I’ve been thinking about this for a quite some time, mainly with so much “sameness” out there. Over the months I have been changing a few things here and there, but it should probably be much more drastic changes to better reflect personality. It’s hard to do, but I will try to improve and change it over time more and more. It’ll be fully finished in infinity.

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