Owning Your Content - A Love Letter to My Website Bookmark

Having my own website says I care about what I do beyond clocking in and out and cashing a paycheck. It shows I’m proud of what I create.
But the real truth is that as long as we’re putting our work in someone else’s hands, we forfeit our ownership over it. When we create a personal website, we own it – at least to the extent that the internet, beautiful in its amorphous existence, can be owned.

I really liked this article by Tobias van Schneider about his thoughts on running your own website and why owning our content is a good idea. We've been over this a few times, but it can't be said often enough I guess. And when it's well put, it's definitely worth reading and sharing. In case you don't have your own website (yet!), maybe this article is inspiration and a possible step of convincing that it is be a good idea and worthwhile thing to do to create your little, own corner on the web.

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