Good Read: NFTs are so, so dumb Bookmark

Like most of what’s ruined the internet, NFTs started as a good idea. When the concept was demoed in 2014, it was presented as a way for digital artists to easily sell and control their work. But the market has been flooded by grifters who exploit artists, or who just sell NFTs of an artist’s work without telling them.

As with all of the articles about Web3, NFTs, crypto et al, this one is opinionated as well, but it is a) very fun and entertaining to read and b) IMO does have some good points. I have a lot of thoughts on the whole new Web3 thingy, but currently just don‘t want to find the time to write about it. This year shall be about more positivity, so enjoy this fun read for now, with the bickering saved for later.

I‘m actually linking to a humor site, and I swear I haven‘t been on one of those in years. I haven‘t missed them either. 2022, here we come! 🙃

Read the full piece on NFTs Are So, So Dumb. Enjoy!