iCloud Calendar Spam Bookmark

Last week I tweeted about receiving some iCloud calendar spam and I was wondering if this is the new thing now.

Since it was kind of a one off, I didn't pay too much attention anymore, besides trying to figure out how to get it out of my calendar without accepting or declining the event. After that I did remove the shared calendar that the invites appeared in and moved on. Since then I received two more of these spam messages into the calendar on my phone, but that was it. At first I thought it has something to do with being located in Hong Kong, and thus being close to China, since this spam in general happens here quite a bit. But today I noticed that it happened to more people outside of HK and that there is an article about it on Daring Fireball, too.

The better news is, that Ars Technica reports that there is now a workaround for this issue. It still doesn't solve the issue, but at least helps in the short run. I really hope that this doesn't get any bigger, because this is one of the rather more annoying things.

Let's hope for the best.