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I can‘t remember where exactly I found this article, but I’m glad I did. It’s one of the better ones I have read in a while and I really like the idea of “going first”, it’s an interesting experiment and a nice thing to incorporate into daily life. I have started to (try) do this on a daily basis, yet as always it’s not easy to make it a new habit.

“I’ll go first. If I’m at checking out at the store I’ll say hello first, if I’m coming across someone making eye-contact I’ll smile first. Not all times, but most times — it comes in your favor.” — Gabrielle Reece

Give it a read here. It’s worth it.

The effect you have on others is one of the greatest gifts you can offer in life. Don’t waste it. Go first, take a leap. After all, when you go first, more than nothing can happen.

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