My Custom CSS Reset Bookmark

A nice and simple reset for CSS defaults, which is pretty similar to the very few CSS resets I am using these days. As a personal preference I‘m not removing the margin on all elements, since I prefer to tweak it when required. Embrace the defaults!

I am now thinking to add removed margins & padding for figure and ul, since this is something that I almost always touch to restyle, so it absolutely makes for a good candidate.

For simplified line-height calculations across various elements Josh mentioned trying to use calc . It‘s a quick and simple way to get good line-height default values set. Yet in my opinion and for my own work (and depending on the typeface), I find it not specific enough and I‘d usually overwrite it for most elements either way.

In many situations it will work, so it is definitely worth trying out.

* {
  line-height: 1.5;
Instead of calculating the line height by multiplying the font-size with a number like 1.5, this alternative uses the font-size as a base, and adds a fixed amount of space to each line.
* {
  line-height: calc(1em + 0.5rem);

The full article here.

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