Conference Talks for The Rainy Days Bookmark

This week is yet another rainy and wet one in HK. There‘s been way too much of that this year. And it‘s always good to have something to do when going out is not really the amazing thing to do. Unless you love the rain. So here are some conference talk videos to get you through those rainy days.

Over the last two days, Jointfuturesconf in Helsinki has been streaming all of their talks live, for everyone to access and watch. This is an amazing effort and the video stream has worked very well. They‘ve had a great lineup and fantastic talks. If you have missed the livestream—which depending on your timezone, can easily happen—the talk videos will still be available after the conference. I‘m not going to recommend certain talks, but I definitely recommend to have a look and check it out yourself ;)

And while I‘m at it and you are into learning by watching, there are many more fantastic talks available from Beyond Tellerrand, which is my favourite one. Have a look at the past talks and save some for the rainy days!

Recently Front Conference also released all their latest videos and there‘s some interesting ones in there as well.

And if that is not enough, you can find much more conference coverage including videos, tweets and photos on Colloq. Have fun and enjoy your rainy days!