Broken Glass Bookmark

Today was a somewhat special day. My first iPhone was an iPhone 3G. From that very first phone on, I always loved the form factor and the feel of every single model I have owned. This fact has been the reason that I have always refused to use any kind of phone cover, because it changes the look and feel of a product that is truly great design, which is one of the reasons I like iPhones as much as I do. It just feels good.

Over the last years, many people called me crazy for not using a cover and I do understand where they are coming from. Still, I refused and rather enjoyed the iPhone as is, with its intended size and shape. I dropped them here and there and every phone I owned so far had its own character in terms of scratches, small dents and wear and tear. But I managed to never break a screen. So far. Until today.

This morning after getting out of bed, I dropped my iPhone 6 straight down on its screen and it cracked. Many times. All over. It didn't drop from very high, maybe 40cm or so. I was too tired to get upset about it and somehow got used to the new reality over the day. It happens. But it's sad. I will get the screen replaced and will continue to refuse to put a cover on it. Good luck to me for the years coming that this drop will stay a one time occurrence.