A Note on Notes Bookmark

A while ago, I had added a new TIL section to this site, which later turned into TILRS (today I learned, remember, share). I liked it a lot, and I posted all kinds of things in this section. Yet this led to the Notes section becoming more and more neglected and quite often I had difficulties to decide which post should go where. It’s been bugging me for too long and as a result, it had to be changed. I also got a bit bored with my site and this change shall be the starting point of more to come.

I have now removed the TILRS section and from today onwards, all posts will be published under Notes, unless the post is a long-form Article. For the notes I'm planning that those can be many types, whether a single picture, gallery, a quote or short text, opinion, etc.

note /nəʊt/

1. a brief record of points or ideas written down as an aid to memory.

Eventually I would like to display all these different records in a different format and design, so things will get a bit more interesting.

All of the old /tilrs URLs did get a redirect to their new location under Notes, so none of the old links will break. By now my .htaccess file looks like a huge redirection list, carrying the redirects from various changes including the move from WordPress to Kirby from back in the days. No problem.

The /tilrs feed has also been redirected and for now, /stream/feed and /feed will be the combined feeds and they are announced on all pages. Subscribe to the feed, for some better reading and to not miss any future posts! :)

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