To An Awesome 2013 Bookmark

A happy new year and to an awesome 2013, dear reader.

The last year has been an interesting one. 2012 has been filled with a lot of good things, but it also hasn't been the smoothest year of them all.

There have been a lot of changes, especially during the second half of last year and these changes range from new technologies, new workflows and approaches to solve problems to the way I work and want to work. The rise of the mobile web and the importance of responsive web design has opened a lot of opportunities and also has created a lot of challenges for us web developers. I'm looking forward to see this trend evolve and am very curious on where it will lead us in the near future, whereas the development will probably move more and more towards the convergence of the mobile web and apps, so there won't be much of a noticable difference in the experience to end users.

Personally I'm planning to get more speaking engagements, which I enjoy a lot. I also think that this will be an important part in the way I want to work, since the key to finding better projects is partially based on educating clients and to help them to better understand the important aspects of the web.

Other than that, learning will continue to play an important role. This has always been important to me, but as a web developer this is one of the keys to success. The web and its technolgies evolve so quickly, that it requires you to keep learning all the time to stay up to date. There have been a few things I have actively pursued to learn over the last year nd I'm currently yet to find and decide what I'll dive into this year.

Let's just first get the year started and it usually starts off fairly slow in the first week, which lets you ease in quite nicely. Before it then picks up and time starts flying full throttle again.

Have a great start into an exciting and awesome year of 2013. Stay digital, healthy and sane.