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There has already been a lot of talk about the new Mac App Store right after launch. Numerous questions and observations have been pondered, with the most popular being "Can I update from the Mac App Store, when I already purchased the app?". What strikes me, is that Apps like TextWrangler and BBEdit from BareBones Software are in the the top lists, either as a recommendation or as top grossing.
I don't know anything about their numbers of sales, but since BBSW are a fairly niche and independent software developer making rock-solid software products for developers and other advanced users, they didn't gain a lot of popularity outside of this community, I guess. With the App Store, such companies will probably gain quite a momentum, with a much broader range of users finding them, trying out and like their products. It's great to see how the whole concept of getting known, growing a customer base has changed in the last years. Hopefully this will not affect the products quality in terms of updates and customer support, because these companies will very likely see a highly increasing demand of support requests.
Either way, the Mac App Store is a great possibility for smaller developers to increase their sales and will make updating applications an easy one, for all users alike.

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