Chrome DevTools, RemoteDebug & BrowserRemote Bookmark

I remember seeing the Chrome DevTools App a while ago, when it made the rounds on Twitter. This was quite a cool idea, but I didn't really look into it and didn't see the full potential it had to it. When I recently met Kenneth in Hong Kong, he used the chance to practice his talk "The Future of DevTools with RemoteDebug" in front of a small group of people at our friend's office, I started to realise the full potential of what the standalone DevTools app was meant to prove. We then had him speak at our monthly Harbour Front event, where he demoed debugging with Chrome DevTools and BrowserRemote, which got me even more excited.

Last year I already came across the iOS WebKit Debug Proxy, which I liked using and thought was a great tool, until it broke because of a change in the DevTools protocol, which now has been fixed again. Now I can happily debug Safari on iOS with the Chrome DevTools again ;)

Being able to use your favourite DevTools to debug any browser you want is just perfect and makes debugging so much more fun, since there is no need to leave your comfort zone (aka favourite work environment) to get things done.

Not only because of this, but also many other reasons, the RemoteDebug Initiative deserves and IMHO needs to get more support and engagement. Try it out, spread the word and for better workflows in our development future, support it in any way you can!