Launching Colloq Bookmark

This week has been an exciting one, starting off with a friend’s wedding over the weekend and then getting ready and finally launching our new project, Colloq, on Tuesday the 14th of November. I needed a little time to reflect on all the excitement, since I felt quite overwhelmed these days. So here are a few thoughts on this amazing new project of ours and its launch.

tl;dr: Here’s the official launch announcement of Colloq or you can head right over to dive into the new world of conferences:

We started working on Colloq over a year ago, after we had decided to start this project together. Now Colloq is finally live and I am very happy about that.

Since our launch, we’ve had a lot of small bugs that needed fixing, but most importantly we’ve received some great feedback and amazing support. Here’s a big Thank You to all of you who have been part of this so far.

Over the last days, we heard a lot of feedback like “a replacement for Lanyrd”, and while the lack of availability was part of the initial trigger that made us work on Colloq together, it hasn’t been our main goal to replace something else. While the base functionality is what you’d expect, we have a lot of ideas that do and will make it different. We want to take Colloq far further than just plain conference and event listings. To put it in a simple way: Think of Colloq as the Wikipedia of conferences and their content. I might have to follow up with some more thoughts here, but for now there are a few things that I want to mention:

First of all, I want to say that I am proud of ourselves for having made it to Colloq being live! Besides being a lot of work to create a product, we had to learn how to best work together, since we’re all based in different time zones. Challenge accepted and we’re still tweaking things here and there, but overall have found a way that works for us.

Another thing that I am very proud of is that we have built Colloq absolutely from scratch. Besides necessary services like payments, we’re not using any third-party software, to be and stay as independent as possible.

Along that way we also learned a lot from each other, be it coding skills or tools, better writing and communication, but even more importantly we learned a lot about each other’s personalities and how we tick. From the beginning we had a lot of things in common, especially in terms of philosophy, how we see things and where we want to take Colloq. I feel grateful to have gotten to know my partners Anselm & Tobias so much better and how it brought us closer together, as partners and as friends. I also want to thank Lilou, for being supportive of the different timezones, serving as an idea bounce partner, as well as having turned into a great chef ;)

Launching your own project is exciting. It’s Adrenalin. It’s fun. I have launched many sites over the years, but your own project is and always will be different. I am happy we have made it and I’m looking forward to continue working on it, while having full control over where we will take Colloq. Onwards!

Have a look and check out what we’ve built with Colloq and spread the word so we can grow this into a sustainable & successful platform!