Getting Ready to Grunt Bookmark

Over the last few months (or should I even say years?), frontend development has become much more advanced, mature and many new tools have been popping up. One of these tools is the build tool Grunt, which helps you run certain automated tasks, like e.g. compiling SCSS files, minifying CSS or JS files, moving compiled files to another directory and so on.

After seeing people use Grunt more and more and also noticing that a lot of projects on Github use it, I decided to finally give it a shot and dive into it. I have to say it all sounds much more complicated than it actually is and after a couple hours of playing around with it, I have gotten my head around the basics and included Grunt in a first project.

I basically started with the following two articles, plus checking out a few projects and their Gruntfiles on Github to get a better idea on the real world usage (even these were way over the top for a Grunt beginner, but it still helps to get a better idea).

Grunt – A build tool for front-end projects

GruntJS: Getting started

it's quite rewarding to finally understand the Grunt story and being able to use it in your projects. And now onwards, there's still a lot to learn about it!