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I have recently started to change my schedule. It mainly started out of curiosity and trying to be more productive. I don't read life hacker or such, but I"ve read two of Joel Gascoine's articles on his schedule before and that also made me curious.

Sometimes in the past I just used to get up early and I noticed that on these days when I got into the office at 5, 6 or 7am I got so much more done in four hours than on other days. It only happened a few times a year, but whenever it did, I liked it a lot and was really surprised how much you can get done before noon.

Now I"ve been on the getting up at 6am schedule since more than 2 weeks. it's been great and funnily enough I enjoy it a lot. I'm more productive and I feel snappier, more energetic overall. Plus I get more things done, which is great.

I want to try to tweak this schedule a lot and I have to learn to actually get out of the office at some point – which has proven difficult – and I"ve just been working much longer hours. Good for the short term, but definitely needs adjustment for the long run.

Today I came across this and it made me smile. Seems everything done right ;)

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