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There are some tools in my box that have stayed with me over the years and I continue to keep using. I thought it might be a good idea to share these tools and what I use them for, since some people might find it beneficial, helpful, interesting. Here is the very first of my tool tips, as they will come in no particular order.

Whether it’s large batches or only a handful of files, renaming files is often necessary or other times simply a cosmetic duty.

NameMangler is a great tool that let’s you quickly rename files in various ways. The most notable options are Grep replacements, pre- and suffixing. It also allows you to chain different commands together, which can then be dragged to rearrange. A great tool for a small price that has really helped me out many times over and over.

Check it out here: https://manytricks.com/namemangler/

Screenshot of the Name Mangler User Interface
The simple user interface of Name Mangler

As pointed out after this post by Tom, macOS does have its own rename machine, apparently since 2015… I did not know! For further info on how that works, see osxdaily.com.

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