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Feature Iteration Fatigue

TL;DR: What was meant to outline the annoyances with the many frequent app updates, turned into a rather lengthy opinion about Netflix’s latest UI changes. Almost every day I see a few app updates f… continue reading

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  • Deleting multiple GIT branches

    One thing I always came across, but then never really looked into, was deleting multiple GIT branches at once. Usually this has never been a big… more

  • iCloud Calendar Spam - Part 2

    As I have just seen on Daring Fireball, Apple has now released a first step to prevent any further troubles with iCloud calendar spam that appeared… more

  • iCloud Calendar Spam

    Last week I tweeted about receiving some iCloud calendar spam and I was wondering if this is the new thing now. Since it was kind of a one off, I… more

  • Shopify Theme Kit Time Out

    During my first time of using the Shopify Theme Kit, I ran into some problems during setup. One of the issues was that Theme Kit gave me a timeout… more

  • Gulp CSS Assets for Shopify

    I'm currently working on a Shopify project and was trying to make my life a little easier… I generally like working with Shopify, but sometimes it t… more

  • Late to the Gulp Party

    At first I thought Gulp looked much more difficult at first sight than Grunt. After working with it and setting up various things for about 2 days,… more

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