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The Value of Attending Conferences

The draft for this post has been sitting with me for over a year now and my experience at the recent conferences I attended reminded me that it is well about time for this post to get finished.… continue reading

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  • iCloud Calendar Spam

    Last week I tweeted about receiving some iCloud calendar spam and I was wondering if this is the new thing now. Since it was kind of a one off, I… more

  • Shopify Theme Kit Time Out

    During my first time of using the Shopify Theme Kit, I ran into some problems during setup. One of the issues was that Theme Kit gave me a timeout… more

  • Gulp CSS Assets for Shopify

    I'm currently working on a Shopify project and was trying to make my life a little easier… I generally like working with Shopify, but sometimes it t… more

  • Late to the Gulp Party

    At first I thought Gulp looked much more difficult at first sight than Grunt. After working with it and setting up various things for about 2 days,… more

  • "M" as in Making

    After all of the conversations and inspiration that I have soaked in over the last week that I was in Europe, this shall serve as a reminder for… more

  • Embedding Tweets in Kirby’s Markdown

    After an unsuccessful attempt to embed tweets in an article on my blog, Bastian found out that Parsedown somehow has an issue with the widget script… more

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