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Google Web Light – Speeding Up the Mobile Web

A while ago Google introduced Google Web Light and I finally got around to have a closer look at it. So far this hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in general, but I suppose this might have to do with the fact that it’s only meant to be rolled out in some specific countries. Nevertheless it again und… continue reading

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  • Component Libraries

    This article from Clearleft on building component libraries resonates with me a lot. Especially this part right in the beginning made me smile,… more

  • Facelifting

    Over the last two weekends I have finally gotten around to work on the long overdue facelift of my site. I mainly polished up the overall look and… more

  • Better Writing

    During HK CodeConf in October, I had the chance to watch some great talks from other speakers. One of those presentations inspired me to write this… more

  • Form Function Class 6

    Last weekend I got to speak at Form Function Class 6 in Manila, Philippines, alongside some fantastic speakers. It's been my second time at FFC and… more

  • Hong Kong CodeConf 15

    These are the slides from my talk "Your WebPerf is 💩" at HK CodeConf 2015 at Science Park in Hong Kong, October 24th. Web Performance is an im… more

  • Broken Glass

    Today was a somewhat special day. My first iPhone was an iPhone 3G. From that very first phone on, I always loved the form factor and the feel of… more

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