The Mistral Collection

In 2010, roughly a year after I had moved to Hong Kong, I started to notice the popularity, or rather popular use, of the Mistral typeface. It is used in a lot of places, and especially around South East Asia it can be found at every other corner. Once you notice Mistral out in the wild, it‘s hard to unsee. Enjoy the growing collection below.

From Wikipedia: Mistral is a casual script typeface designed by Roger Excoffon for the Fonderie Olive type foundry, and released in 1953.[1] The Amsterdam Type foundry released a version in 1955.

Excoffon based the form of the typeface on his own handwriting. The stroke has an informal graphic quality similar to brush and ink. The lowercase letters are carefully designed to connect on a line to an extent unusual in script fonts. Descenders are long, and increase the sense of motion. The face has several specially-designed ligatures (which have not been duplicated in digital versions). In lowercase Mistral is a true connecting script, similar to cursive writing.